Spine London

Spine London

We’re the largest network of spine specialists in London and the South East. We’re here to give you impartial advice and to make sure you see the right specialist for your problem, when and where you want.

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We help people with spinal and neurological problems. We’re the largest network of spinal and neurosurgeons, physicians and other spine specialists in London and the South East.

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All pain in my legs has disappeared. Magic and wonderful! IL
I can’t thank you enough, you are incredible. NT
That horrible pain in my arm has completely gone! You’re amazing! MW
Super Speedy! NP
My back feels so much better RE
Your practice is quite the best and most efficient I have ever seen! TJ
Many thanks. You’re a star MS
A massive thank you for spotting my spondylolisthesis. SP
I cannot express how grateful I am to you TO
I am most grateful for your kindness and care, which I really do appreciate. AS
That stimulator has taken away pain I’d had for years. ML

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Frequently asked questions

Who are Spine London?

We’re a private, invitation only network of the best spinal and neurological experts in London and the South East. Our mission is to make sure our patients get the treatment they need, from the specialist they want, when and where they want.

I’m really claustrophobic. I can’t go into an MRI.

Don’t worry. We have open MRI scanners where you’ll lots of room all around you. And if you can’t lie down, we can get you an MRI in a scanner where you can sit or stand.

Am I going to need an operation?

You’re unlikely to need an operation. More than 95% of patients who come to see us don’t need an operation. But if you’re one of those less than 5%, we’ll make sure you see the best surgeon for your problem, at a hospital you choose.